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Trading Platforms –
All our trading platforms are synched. Therefore, as soon as trader places a trade in one trading platform, it automatically gets reflected in rest of the trading platform as well.
Webtrader – Using webtrader, clients can place trade directly from browser. This is specially useful as clients can trade not only from their home/offer work station but also from café or public library etc. Furtherfore, webtrader is inbuilt into client’s member area, therefore, client has to log into just one window to trade or access/edit his details, make deposit or withdrawals etc.
Mobile trader – We provide browser based generic mobile trader as our standard solution. Clients can open the mobile trader website and trade from his mobile, android, ipad or iphone. He can save site as icon so that, when its clicked, mobile trader is automatically opened.
Our mobile trader is simple, light and easy to use and does provide rates, various order types which is generally what most traders access over mobile device.
MAM – Multi Account Manager is our state of art trading platform for fund managers. Metaquotes also provide MAM, called MutiTerminal at price of $15,000 and $750 per month. Our MAM is far advanced than MultiTerminal because MultiTerminal places order sequentially, whereas we send order to all sub accounts in parallel. For example Fund Manager Acc A sends order to 100 sub accounts, MultiTerminal will send order to 1st account and once it is executed, it send to 2nd account and so on. Therefore, even though all accounts area managed by single fund manager, accounts will show same trade executed at different prices.
Furthermore, our MAM has many options about how fund manager wants to distribute trades amongst his subaccounts, rather than MultiTerminal’s standard trade distribution as per total account balance or free margin
Plug-ins –
1)      Coverage Plug-in – This plug-in displays all A book trades and all B book trades of all real traders in 2 separate accounts. Therefore you can login to one single account, let’s say account number 5, and see what is total closed and floating, profit or loss of all the Market Made traders. It is exceptionally useful in managing company’s risk.
2)      Web Registration Plug-in – It makes job lot easier for broker by opening accounts for users automatically, just by filling and submitting form on the website, instead of looking up details of each form and opening accounts manually.
3)      Commission Plug-in – This plug-in automatically adds commission charged by our company for each trade, in MM or STP group immediately after trade is closed. This plug-in allows Broker to monitor and pay our fees on time without any disputes.
4)      Bridge – MT4 is self contained unit. So whenever a client places the order, trade is executed, ticket number is generated but since it is isolated unit not connected to any liquidity provider, trade goes nowhere. You need a bridge to STP the trades to liquidity provider, so that trade actually enters the market.

Our bridge does precisely the same. It is our proprietary software which connects MT4 to banks and brokers. So all the trades of clients in STP group will be automatically routed to Liquidity provider, executed and then order confirmation message is displayed to Client.
We charge $16/mln round turn for all trades STPed but unlike our competitors we don’t have any monthly minimum. If you want to buy bridge, we would install to your server, henceforth, you won’t have to pay any commission ever and can use as many liquidity providers you wish to.
Optional Plug-ins –
1)      Bonus Plug-in – It protects broker from traders who lose their principal and trade on bonus amount. For example, Broker offers 50% bonus and a trader opens account of $1000, so Traders account has $1500. Now if trader start to trade and lose money, if his opened positions shows floating loss of $1000, he will automatically receive margin call and removes bonus so that he will not lose $500 bonus which company has offered him.
Generally, bonus given by brokers are available for withdrawal after trader has traded a certain number of lots, but  it is a bad idea to allow traders to trade on bonus, once they have lost their entire principal.
Therefore Bonus Plug-in helps in auto crediting bonus to every deposit or new deposit (whatever scheme broker has in offer), and manage margin calls for traders to ensure that broker will not lose offered bonus.
2)      Multi Level IB Commission Plug-in – MT4 allows Broker to offer commission to direct referrer’s only, however, this plug-in can not only pay commission to IB, but to referrer of IB and son on, upto 10 levels. For example, 1st level commission of 0.5 pip, 2nd level commission like 0.2 pip and so on. Commission can be earned in pip, money , % of spreads
3)      Swapfree Plug-in – Normally, there is swap charge for each trader. But in islamic law, no interest should be charged. Therefore, these clients normally request no-swap accounts. In order to setup swap or swapfree on MT4, Broker have to place clients in many diffrent groups. This plug-in allows trader to use same currency pair but will override Group’s setting in MT4. Therefore, with plug-in, Broker can enable swap free to any trader of any group on fly, without making zillions of groups for each trader with different trading conditions who demand swap free account as well.
4)      Anti scalper –This plug-in is very useful in market making (B Book) and prevent Scalper, HFT and , Arbitrage traders from bankrupting company’s profit.
5)      Auto Rebate – This plug-in automatically gives rebate to clients immediately after they closed the trade. It can credit rebate as pip or $ per lot, depending on setting for that client and each client can have separate setting. This plug-in allows you to provide lower spread to someone who will have same trading conditions as rest of the traders of a group, but lower spreads. So this way can lower spread for a particular trader, without changing for entire group. Normally, you have to create a new group for each different spread type you want to offer
6) Leverage Checker Plugin - This plug-in will automatically change leverage, as the account equity changes. So let's say you set the rule that $10,000 to $25,000 would have 1:200 leverage and $25,000 to $50,000 will have 1:100 leverage, as soon as account balance goes above $25,000, leverage of the account is changed to 1:100. So you don't have to constantly monitor the client balance in order to change their leverage. Also, you ensure that your company doesn't have too much exposure (for example an account with $100,000 trading at 1:1000 leverage can single handedly bankrupt a broker startup, if he is being B Booked by the broker and makes significant profit).
Payment gateways –
Already Integrated – Following gateways are already integrated and readily available. All broker needs to do is open account at these locations and get account approved by providing requisite documentations. We handle this part to large extent –
1)      Bank wire
2)      Skrill / Moneybookers
3)      Payza / Alertpay
4)      Credit Card (via Allied Wallet, Credorax, BillPro,, AsTech, RadiantPay, RegularPay)
5)      Paypal
6)      Neteller
7)      Webmoney
8 )      Check
Additional Payment Gateways – If a payment gateway is not mentioned above, we can integrate it as well for additional fee. Please not that paymet gateway integration is not just opening account at payment processor and adding a form in member area, but it requires changes in admin as well as member area to allow automatic deposit and withdrawal, and API integration with Paymet Processor to do so.
We can also integrate bitcoin and other coins via several valet/merchant account providers at
Please let me know if you have any questions etc.