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Re: Scalper King signals update
« on: June 04, 2015, 06:32:24 am »
What I don't understand is that it supposed to be a scalping method. What's even worse is that you took a trade that had a SL of 580 pips and a TP of 150 pips. That's a Risk/Reward 4:1 !!!! And on top of that you keep adding to a loosing position which is the fastest way to blow an account.

Can you explain what's going on?

well you have a very valid question, but again I am a scalper and you will see 90% of my trades are scalping trades, but I am also swing trader if I see some opportunity, usually my SL are not this wide, but due to high volatility on EURO because of sudden high yields on EURO bonds has caused this extra leg on EURAUD, fundamentally nothing has changed on EURO zone specially the interest rates so we are still with the main trend. but again I am a scalper and I will continue scalping as usual. Money management is important factor in every kind of trading.

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