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Re: Fundamental analysis and news articles
« on: June 26, 2015, 03:46:24 am »
It will be interesting to see how world will look like when such huge money will be dump into economy  ;D

With $21 Trillion, Chinaís Savers Are Set to Change the World

Few events will be as significant for the world in the next 15 years as China opening its capital borders, a shift that economists and regulators across the world are now starting to grapple with.
With Chinaís leadership aiming to scale back the role of investment in the domestic economy, the nationís surfeit of savings -- deposits currently stand at $21 trillion -- will increasingly need to be deployed overseas. Thatís also becoming easier, as Premier Li Keqiang relaxes capital-flow regulations.
The consequences ultimately could rival the transformation wrought by the Communist nationís fusion with the global trading system, capped by its 2001 World Trade Organization entry. That stage saw goods made cheaper across the world, boosting the purchasing power of low-income families at the cost of hollowed-out industries.
Some changes are easy to envision: watch out for Mao Zedongís visage on banknotes as the yuan makes its way into more corners of the globe. Chinaís giant banks will increasingly dot New York, London and Tokyo skylines, joining U.S., European and Japanese names. Property prices from California to Sydney to Southeast Asia already have seen the influence of Chinese buying.
Other shifts are tougher to gauge. International investors including pension funds, which have had limited entry to China to date, will pour in, clouding how big a net money exporter China will be. Deutsche Bank AG is among those foreseeing mass net outflows, which could go to fund large-scale infrastructure, or stoke asset prices by depressing long-term borrowing costs.