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Latest headlines suggest discord •Ed Conway, the economic editor of Sky News cites a source in Greek negotiations and says talks are "Not going well... Greeks backtracking significantly. Measures not credible. Don't know if there'll be deal." •There are talks that more proposals have been rejected.

Greece rejects 5 month extension, talks not going well

Austrians launch petition to quit EU

Austrians have launched a petition to quit the EU, arguing that the nation will be better off economically if it leaves the union. To force the national parliament to consider the initiative activists need to have gathered 100,000 signatures by July 1.

The petition was started by a retired 66-year-old translator, Inge Rauscher, who has collected enough signatures to launch an official campaign. The plea seeks to request that the national parliament debate the idea of a referendum on quitting the EU. However, to get that issue even discussed, the petition must gather 100,000 signatures.

“We want to go back to a neutral and peace-loving Austria,” Rauscher said at the start of the campaign this week. Austrians have until July 1 to sign the petition which they can do in municipal or district offices.

Eurozone Denies Extension to Greek Bailout


Good day

It probably sounds curious but EUR shows signs of possible upside action. If major bullish pattern will survive and not be destroyed in nearest future, we could get meaningful upside bounce. fundamental reasons for such action not quite understandable and stands under curtain yet


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